Pietigs Plus Services

Retaining Walls

Pietigs Plus installs unique interlocking retaining walls. These permanent walls can add beauty as well as functionality to any landscape. Using retaining walls in your landscape design will hide the imperfect areas and terrace your yard to it’s naturally beauty. Pietigs Plus will use the aesthetics of the couture of your lawn to ensure you have a functional back yard.

Custom Stonework

Pietigs Plus uses their unbelievable creativity to give you something truly unique.  Using natural stone we can build you a back yard bar, a wood burning grill, a stone wall against your home, all serve as a main focal point to your backyard.   We can leave that up to the imagination.  Do you have an idea?


Ponds are a wonderful way to bring nature to your back yard. Water features bring a sense of calmness to a busy family. A pond will bring such a joy to all during parties or just a quiet evening at home.


Concrete is a great way to add durability to any driveway, patio, walk or step. Pietigs Plus uses up to date technologies of styles, patterns and color. We blend all this together to give you a diverse new look into the future of your yard.

Stamped Concrete

On newly laid concrete you can add a look of brick stone and more. With all sorts of patterns colors and styles there is no limit to what we can help you create in your yard. Stamped concrete gives extra texture to any driveway, patio, walk or step.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate is an exceptional way to add to any concrete surface. Pietigs Plus uses only the best mix to formulate a perfect look to add elegance to any home. With exposed timing is everything. It is a two step process. First we use a surface retarder to slow the layers of concrete and then we return in the allotted amount of time to wash away the surface layer. What remains is a beautiful unique addition to your standard concrete walk, step or patio.


Jeff Pietig knows the importance of resale value in homes today. Using brick to custom design a walk, driveway, patio or step adds elegance to any homes architecture. An added incentive of using brick is its durability to hold up to Minnesota’s winters. It will provide you with decade of maintenance-free service, and still maintain its beauty without cracking or chipping. These properties allow us to offer a limited warranty. 

A brick driveway, patio, walk or step compliments any home and brings a classic feeling of elegance. Nothing holds up to Minnesota winters like brick, it will bring decades of maintenance-free service while retaining its appearance through freeze-thaw cycles and road salt applications without cracking, chipping or permanent discoloration. These properties allow us to offer you a limited warranty.


Unique natural stone remains the most desired choice of materials for landscapers. Pietigs Plus believes no other product is equal when it comes to natural stone because of it beauty, strength and long term durability. Straight from our mother earth these stones will give your yard and home a natural elegance your neighbors will envy. With an array of sizes, colors and types outcropping will stand out in any yard design.